Easylock Natur

Easylock Natur

Setting even safer limits,
without leaving a trace

Solid wood, the well-proven Easylock concept, larger passageway widths, higher gates and an enhanced opening mechanism that is only child‘s play for adults: your offspring has never been safer! Cordon off hazard areas in the daily childcare routine in just a few short steps: without any need for drilling, Easylock Natur stairway safety guards and door guards maintain a firm, non-slip hold on all circular elements up to 8 cm in diameter with the aid of the Y-clip, and on all flat surfaces with the aid of the circular fixing.

Thanks to an adjustment width ranging between 87 - 96.5 cm for the stairway safety guard and between 68.5 - 85 cm for the door guard, Easylock Natur can be used throughout the entire house … and then later removed without trace!


Easylock Natur

... and without drilling

Easylock Natur - door guard
(made entirely of solid beech)
clicks shut and swings open,
range of adjustment 68,5 - 76,5 cm, height 82,5 cm
Art. no. 2745

range of adjustment 75,5 - 83,5 cm, height 82,5 cm
Art. no. 2746
Colour: natural
Easylock Natur - stairway safety guard
(made entirely of solid beech)
clicks shut and swings open,
range of adjustment 80,5 - 88,5 cm, height 82,5 cm
Art. no. 2747
Colour: natural


Easylock NaturY-clip
Art. no. 0048 YS

Guard extensions
for Art. no. 2745 - 2747
Colour: natural
8 cm: Art. no. 0045VS

Extra lock for Easylock Natur
Colour: natural
for bars 1.5 – 8 cm thick
Art. no. 0045ZK
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Soft-CloseTo increase safety in the nursery, drawers incorporated in our furniture are fitted with a soft-close system. The soft-close system prevents doors and drawers from slamming shut and automatically controls the final stage of closing.


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