loves changes
Fresh creates bright and cheerful highlights – its diff erent colours of blind set fresh winds blowing in the children‘s room. And in other areas as well, Fresh favours change: is there any rule stating that drawer handles must always be exactly aligned? Keeping it alive is the thing! Fresh also comes in the two colour variants of brown and white.

With a clear line, white on white: Fresh places a peaceful colour tonality in contrast with children‘s busy activities. Enjoy this moment of deliberate minimalism, this stillness
of colour. Just for a moment – it will soon be back to hectic business as usual in the play room!

If you want to make a calmer impression in optical terms, you can go for Fresh with blinds in sedate brown. This colour combination has the enormous advantage that the cupboard and chest of drawers can make the transition to teenagers‘ rooms without diffi culty, and would not even be out of place in an adult setting!


Fresh KB
Child´s bed
incl. removable side panels
70 x 140 cm
Art.No. 1167 KB
Fresh WK
Nappy changing chest
3 Drawers
W 108 x H 89 x L 75 cm
Art.No. 1167 WK
Fresh WR
Wall Shelf
W 90 x H 31 x L 20 cm
Art.No. 1167 WR
Fresh S3
Wardrobe, three piece
W 133 x H 193 x L 54,5 cm
Art.No. 1167 S3
Fresh HR
High shelf unit
W 45,5 x H 193 x L 54,5 cm
Art.No. 1167 HR

With your child in mind

5-year guarantee

WarrantyA five-year guarantee/ warranty is granted on selected Geuther products with effect from the date of purchase.*
Your two-year statutory warranty on the quality of our products is extended by an additional three-year guarantee provided by Geuther.


Soft-CloseTo increase safety in the nursery, drawers incorporated in our furniture are fitted with a soft-close system. The soft-close system prevents doors and drawers from slamming shut and automatically controls the final stage of closing.


Tip-OnFor the fi rst time, our new collection features the handle-free tip-on system. Handle-free front panels are playing an ever-greater role in modern furniture design. The mechanical tip-on opening support system allows handle-free drawers and pullouts to be effortlessly opened at a touch.
*) This offer is valid for all products labelled with the guarantee seal.