has mastered the curves
Swing nestles ergonomically against young backs, lets seat and footrest almost float freely in the air and yet remains fi rmly and safely anchored to the ground on amply curved legs. It in turn deals with young “escape artists” with composure – and with a bar at navel height. Swing owes its extraordinary stability not least to its solid, curved design, which is refl ected in all its elements. And because Swing is also kind to parents, it can be confi gured to the right size in each case, effectively in an instant, without using tools – indeed for many years of use. With its separate eating and play tray, Swing is completely independent of any other tables and can be positioned anywhere in a room. Swing’s design brings life to any interior style – the four colour versions are a great help in this respect.


Art. no. 2355
natural, walnut, apple green, Diamond Dust,
colonial, maple, white, clay, funny


SwingFood/Play tray
Art. no. 0055 SB
Colours: natural, walnut, apple green, Diamond Dust, colonial, maple, white, clay, funny

Seat cushion insert
Art. no. 4743
105, 110, 123, 126, 130, 131, 132, 147, 337
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WarrantyA five-year guarantee/ warranty is granted on selected Geuther products with effect from the date of purchase.*
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Soft-CloseTo increase safety in the nursery, drawers incorporated in our furniture are fitted with a soft-close system. The soft-close system prevents doors and drawers from slamming shut and automatically controls the final stage of closing.


Tip-OnFor the fi rst time, our new collection features the handle-free tip-on system. Handle-free front panels are playing an ever-greater role in modern furniture design. The mechanical tip-on opening support system allows handle-free drawers and pullouts to be effortlessly opened at a touch.
*) This offer is valid for all products labelled with the guarantee seal.