adventure playpen

Safety squared: Merlin is rooted very clearly and selfassuredly to the floor and its straight-line design without any flourishes earns admiring gazes. To start with Merlin can accommodate babies at the highest level and bring them – by easy adjustment – level for level back down towards the world at ground level. But even when your tot has become a “self-starter”, Merlin plays a joker: three detachable side bars make the playpen into your tot’s own little den and the ideal retreat in an enchanted, magic and self- conceived children’s world. Of course there is always soft cushioning provided; for safety shows its particularly friendly face here.


99 x 100 cm, height 77 cm
inside dimensions 94,5 x 94,5 cm
cushioned floor, height-adjustable to 3 positions,
2 carpet castors, 3 removable bars
Colour - Vinyls:
natural - 31, 32
Art. no. 2230


Fabrics: 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 131, 132, 138, 154
Art. no. 2234 LB