Wave Natur

natural styles

Our very first getaway to the ocean with the whole family will stay with us as one of our most treasurable memories in our childhood photo albums. We proudly presented the highest sand castles and ate the biggest ice-cream sundaes, we radiated as bright as the sun and conquered the seven seas with our swimmies on.

Our brand new nursery Wave Nature lets all of these childhood memories come to life through its natural forms and nordic ease. Departing form this childlike harbor, small pirates and mermaids can cross all of the oceans and bring childhood dreams to life.

Child´s bed

Art.no. 1196 KB
3 Slip rungs 
three-way adjustable vertically
70 x 140 cm

removable side

Art.no. 1000 US

Wall shelf

Art.no. 1196 WR
W 85 / H 21 / L 20 cm

Nappy changing chest

Art.no. 1196 WK
3 Drawers
(Fully-extensible drawer)
W 108,5 / H 89 / L 45,5 / 77,5 cm


Art.no. 1196 S3
3 Doors,
1 Clothes rails,
5 Shelves,
1 Intermediate shelve
W 133/ H 193 / L 57,5 cm

High shelf unit

Art.no. 1196 HR
2 Drawers
1 Shelves
W 71 / H 151 / L 45,5 cm