Geuher Sunset


for a life of sunshine

Every time you glance into the nursery, you will be greeted by sunshine: in delicate, dreamy and bright shades of yellow!

To ensure the wellbeing of your own little rays of sunshine, Sunset offers far more than just a radiantly lovely exterior: a soft-close system for the doors and drawers, an extremely stable build and a small bed that will grow along with your little ones, depending on the model!

Child´s bed

incl. removable side
3 Slip rungs
70 x 140 cm
Art. no. 1128 KB

Nappy changing chest

3 Drawers
W 110 x H 90 x L 75 cm
Art. no. 1128 WK

Wall shelf

W 86,5 x L 20 cm
Art. no. 1128 WR

Wardrobe, three piece

2 Clothes rails, 5 Shelves
W 149,5 x H 189 x L 57 cm
Art. no. 1128 S3

Wardrobe, two piece

2 Clothes rails, 3 Shelves
W 105,5 x H 189 x L 57 cm
Art. no. 1128 S2

High shelf unit

2 Shelves, 3 Drawers
W 62 x H 184 x T 57
Art. no. 1128 HR