Geuther Kinderzimmer Cassini
Geuther Kinderzimmer Cassini
geuther Kinderzimmer Cassini
geuther Kinderzimmer Cassini


playful country charm

Cassini is a romantic nursery that combines classic style with timeless modern elements, and so radiates an unmistakable charm. Charming details create a child‘s environment that is full of comfort, naturalness and a certain touch of rural idyll – the perfect environment for a carefree childhood.

Child´s bed

incl. removable side
3 Slip rungs
70 x 140 cm
Art. no. 1178KB

Nappy changing chest

1 Drawer, 3 Shelves, 3 Doors
W 111,5 x H 90 x L 75,5 cm
Art. no. 1183WK

Wall shelf

W 80 x H 40 x L 21 cm
Art. no. 1178WR

Wardrobe, three piece

3 Doors with plexiglass, 3 Clothes rails, 6 Shelves
W 139,5 / H 190 / L 57,5/ 61 cm
Art. no. 1183S3

High shelf unit

4 Shelves, 2 Drawers
W 104,5 / H 148 / L 45/ 48,5 cm
Art. no. 1183HR