more flexible than any other

Tamino provides uncompromising security for your child, yet makes way whenever needed. The safety bar can be positioned or removed in an instant for easy access and dismounting. The food and play tray keeps everything on board thanks to the stopper bar, but can be removed in a flash when Tamino is placed at the family table – accompanying the child‘s growth in ergonomically optimised form. And for the very little ones, Tamino transforms into a firm base for the Rocco baby rocker. To ensure unlimited stability despite its versatility, Tamino incorporates an elegant metal retaining support that doesn‘t just look great, but will also prevent any unfortunate falls, regardless of its sleek design.


Material: solid beech with powdercoated metal.
Colours: natural, white, colonial
Art. no. 2345

Food/Play tray

Colours: natural, white, colonial
Art. no. 0045 SB

High chair adapter

Art. no. 4705AD

Seat cushion insert

Fabrics: 146, 154, 156, 170
Art. no. 4745

A great team

While other high chairs only make room for children once they are able to sit properly, Tamino offers a comfortable, safe seat for even the littlest offspring. Our Tamino high chair combines with the Rocco baby rocker so that your little treasure can be safely seated on a par with everyone else. In just a few short steps, without any need for tools, the transformation is complete: first, the Tamino backrest is removed and the perfectly matched adapter fixed to the high chair‘s arm rests. After removing the rocker‘s underframe at the touch of a button, the Rocco baby rocker is then firmly secured on the adapter. Designed to ensure maximum safety, Tamino and Rocco are quite simply a perfect team and rapidly revert back to practical individual players in no time at all.