the chair for all the family

A new family member at the table: Family has already been proven many times over and simply belongs. Not only because the high chair already won its permanent place at table long ago and, thanks to its adjustability, is your offspring’s companion for more than a few months, but also because its comfortable width and its high ergonomic backrests offers adults enough space too. It was not for nothing that the jury from „Stiftung Warentest“ were persuaded and awarded Family the rating: „good“. The sweeping side elements serve both as armrests and to accommodate the pull-out tray, which can be removed in an instant, as required and even has a stopper bar: thus porridge ends up in the mouth and not on the floor and toys are prevented from going over the abyss – at least occasionally. Another bonus: Family can be adjusted without using tools – thoroughly family-friendly!


Seat, back, food/play tray with raised edge and footrest made from plywood.
Colours: funny, clay, white, colonial, natural
Art. no. 2335

Seat cushion insert

Fabrics: 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 131, 132, 138, 154, 156, 170
Art. no. 4737