Lotta & Maddy

with a dust-free zone

Lotta and Maddy tidies small items and odds and ends, which are often likely to be found near a nappy-changing table away into a drawer. Thus baby oil, nasal drops, ear buds & co. are put out of sight and in Baby’s case “out of mind“.

A benefit, which other combinations often do not provide! However so that nappies and other useful items are always close to hand, Lotta has two additional shelves with “fall guards” on three sides. The raised edges on three sides prevent items from possibly straying and border the nappy-changing area. And if Lotta needs to be cleared out of the way, it can simply be wheeled aside – without much rearrangement of furniture.


pad not included, with front-drawer
W 56 x H 90,5 x L 65 cm
height for nappy-changing 86 cm
Colours: natural, white
Art. no. 4868


B 60,5 x H 90 x T 81,5 cm
height for nappy-changing 84 cm
Colours: white, white/sludge
Art. no. 4858

Nappy changing pad

soft and cuddly, with head guard
W 55 x L 75 cm
Art. no. 5832