consistent details

Hanna impresses with her no-nonsense straight lines: details with consistent white-natural wood colouring, high worktop for nappy-changing and bathing, which is kind to the back, and twin storage space in the form of a suspended shelf and pocket beneath the tub. This tub also comes with an outlet hose that makes heavy lifting unnecessary.

Everything gives the impression of being from a single source. Hanna’s qualities particularly come to the fore at bath time: whilst your offspring is happily splashing away, the towel, which was previously waiting on the suspended shelf to be used, is already lying ready on the changing top. Both “places of activity” can be telescoped, thus again saving space. Hanna also likes to get around – this is no problem with 6 castors.


with tub, incl. outlet pipe, pad not included
W 65,5 x H 97 x L 77 cm
work height: 93 cm for changing - 88 cm for bathing
measurements in extended position:
W 65,5 x H 97 x L 143 cm
Colours: natural/white, white/white
Art. no. 4852