variable jack-of-all-trades

Space for cuddles on dry land and in the water: the younger children are, the more time they spend on the nappychanging table. So that no valuable second of this intimate relationship is lost and of course for the sake of safety in particular, Aqualino has adequate integrated storage space for all the important paraphernalia – always ready, helpfully close at hand. The extra thick cushioned changing mat also adds to those cosy moments.

When at last it is bath time, the tub can be pushed out to the left or to the right, depending on where there is more space. If required the spacious baby tub can then be slid beneath the changing mat and at a later stage can even be removed completely when it is time for the big bath tub. In general Aqualino fits nearly all bath tubs – without complex assembly – and it is extremely kind to your back: the comfortable bath/nappychanging combination can be height-adjusted by up to 10 cm and depth-adjusted by up to 15 cm.


incl. baby bathtub
height-adjustable (39, 44 or 49 cm)
adjustable depth of 29 cm from 56 – 85 cm
(dimensions inside parents bathtub)
Colour - Vinyl: silver - 04, 06, 08, 31, 32, 38, 97
Art. no. 4830